Cherokee Bluff Middle School 2019-2020

Doors will open at 7:50. Students will report to the gym. Students will be dismissed to homeroom and breakfast at 8:10.


Cherokee Bluff Middle School students will not be assigned lockers this year. Student schedules are designed around the team approach; four teachers comprise each team. Team teachers are located near one another so students will not have to travel distances to their academic classes. The students will not be required to carry textbooks and will have the option to leave instruments in the band room, as well as any other heavy items in a classroom. All teachers will have an area in their classroom for students to store notebooks. Students will always have access to their personal belongings including cell phones. Students will need to keep cell phones turned off or silenced in their book bag, as all students will have access to devices and will not have to use cell phones for instructional purposes during the school day. This schedule will allow teachers and students more time and opportunity to work together.